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PostSubject: Leaversville!!!   Sat Dec 13, 2008 7:50 am

I dunno about you guy's but im am getting pretty fooked off with Leaver's!!

Why join a versus match, stay for the first round, (which we normally rape them 10 feet from safehouse Rolling Eyes )

Then they leave.

i cant count the amount of times this has happened in the last few nights but it's a total wind up scratch

We have tried removing tags etc to help this, but it's the same result without .. so sod it, I aint removing my

tag anymore ... I think the n00bs will leave either way.. Valve should of or should make an achievement or a

statistic for campaigns wimped out on! so if you leave say 3 games u get a Wimp point on ya profile which is

clearly stated in lobby! that would make it easier for those lookin for a whole campaign of versus mode to kick

Leavers prior to join the server.... lets face it noone would want a wimp icon on their profile in lobby!!

pfft rant over Neutral
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